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Headlight Restoration

We DO NOT polish your headlights!

Dr Detail applies a UV protective coating over your headlight lens after first removing the cloudy broken down oxidized plastic from the lens that will bring back your headlights to as new again.

We provide a 3-year written warranty on every job, that is how confident we are around our process and products.

This process takes approximately 1 hour to complete and is offered as a mobile service, we come to your home or place of work.

Headlight clarity is SO important for you and your Family’s safety, you may fail a WOF due to faded headlight lenses.

The reason others may polish your lens and Dr Detail won’t go there is that the polish process involves heat which opens the plastic pores on the lens, your lights may look bright but the open pores will absorb UV and road grime and will look worse than ever in no time.

The Benefits of Headlight Restoration


Improved safety when driving at night

  Reduces glare for other traffic

  Your car looks amazing

  Increases your car’s value

Helps you sell your car quicker.

  Much cheaper than replacement lights.

  Three years written guarantee.

  Won’t fail your warrant.

Why Restore my Car’s Headlights?

Obscured headlights can be dangerous because they reduce your vision when driving at night. Even worse, they can produce a glare that confuses oncoming drivers, who potentially can veer into your path with fatal consequences.